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Meet Patrick

When Patrick left a major staffing firm in New York to build his own recruiting company, he made a personal commitment: to build his company on rock-solid values.

Patrick believes in:

  • Establishing long-term relationships (that’s why he’s been a recruiter for more than 30 years).
  • Earning business by standing behind his company’s merits. (that’s why you’ll never hear him cut down a competitor)

  • Being honest and transparent (that’s why his clients and candidates always know where they stand)
  • Taking responsibility (that’s why even an honest mistake doesn’t wind up with the client suffering)

  • Supporting the local community
meet patrick

Patrick Whelan, Principal
Patrick Whelan Associates

The local area appreciates his belief in community involvement, including the restoration of an historic building. He was instrumental in starting a rowing club at a local high school, and both supported and rowed in the New York Empire State Regatta. His employees created an executive women’s golf club, and Patrick has sailed multiple times in the annual Figawi Charity Race from Hyannis to Nantucket, MA. He also remains active in local sports, including golf, tennis, and has recently played on a senior baseball team.

With 30+ years of success under his belt, Patrick is a great source of advice to others who want to succeed in their businesses. What’s that advice?

“Get a hard chair, sit down, and work relentlessly until you reach your goals. Stay consistent and committed – your efforts will pay off.”

Patrick Whelan: 30 years of Experience. Knowledge. Credibility.

Now that you’ve met Patrick, contact him to learn how his values and recruiting experience can benefit you.